How To Start Your Order

How to Start

Contact us through email, phone or through this website.

Already have an idea of what you are looking for?  Some things to think about are:

  • Am I interested in embroidery or screen printing?
  • How many pieces of clothing will I be wanting?
  • What sort of product am I interested in?
  • Do I have a logo or artwork? See our artwork guidelines below.
  • When is my deadline?


Artwork Guidelines

Your logo and artwork is very important is starting your custom order. You can bring in a copy of your artwork, but we prefer artwork sent as a digital copy.

Before submitting your artwork files please take note of the following guidelines (applies to both screen printing and embroidery):

Vector based artwork is always recommended. This includes files created using Adobe Illustrator CS3 or earlier and CorelDraw X6 or earlier. 
Please submit all AI, CRD or EPS file with the fonts outlined/converted to curves, and that extraneous objects, stray points, empty text paths and unused or non-printing layers are removed before submitting your file. 
If you have raster (bitmap) files (jpg,tiff, gif, bmp, psd-native Photoshop, etc.). These should be created at 300dpi at the desired print size you would like the logo to be on your garment.
We also accept PDF files but remember that these files are just containers and may contain vector or raster artwork. So be sure that you know what type of artwork is in the PDF file and that it meets above guidelines.
Although we are willing to look at any artwork files that you may have, artwork that does not conform to our preferred guidelines may either be unusable or require additional work to insure the highest quality imprinting. 

Artwork charges apply to most new designs. This charge is related to the quality of artwork provided and to how much modification you would like us to do to the artwork. 

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